Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Posters in Basel, Switzerland

Good use of a grid and font size for hierarchy. The logo in the background is the only thing to break the grid, but being in a lighter color in the background, it is only noticed after the bolder images and text. The sub text is left aligned, so the grid lines are continued/emphasized with their clean rag. The duotone images provide a visual unity to the poster, allows them to be below the text, and not distracting. 

The font is reflective of the message, maze like shapes. The falling books give the impression of the chaos of a labryinth but is unclear how is it related. The font is illegible at first, but can be read. The word fades into the background giving dimension and depth to the poster. Sub information is in clear font, but put at an angle to continue the falling sense of the poster. 

Dynamic use of type, placed behind and in front of forms, as well as being broken up across the page. The large font draws the eye to the smaller font on the bottom, which is also in the direction of the museum. The font points the viewer in the direction of the exhibit. 
The image of things building up around the font give the impression of growth and development, or at least that something is under construction. Red makes me think of Swiss, but also conservative, strict, re-constructionist.

Bold use of primary colors. Works in a grid, but the font breaks the grid line. Eye moves from the top and then down in a diagnol line, hierarchy of font sizes also move down the page. Website is on the bottom, easy to find but not given a larger font. 
Imagery is simple, background colors are warm which allow the cool color of the font to be separated, allows for two planes to be seen on the poster. 

Awesome use of font. 2010 in big alternating colors breaks the poster into 4 quadrants, from the natural lines of the fonts the sub text is aligned. K’s in the background behind the black is giving depth to the poster. Subtext is aligned nicely along the 1 allows for easy to find information once the reader is drawn in, not placed at different areas. 

Interesting use of font. The poster has depth, both from the light being shown on the flat space in front, but also the folds and bends into the top right corner. In dull, less noticeable letters, the words that are illuminated are repeated. Is that for confirmation of what is being said? 
The subtext along the bottom is in classic swiss style (to the best of my knowledge) broken into three separate quadrants. Text is given heirarchy by size but also by color. 
Imagery makes me think the poster is about night event, maybe theater because or a movie because of the curtain like imagery. Being by the church, maybe its a night choir show. The light can be related to holy, religious connotations. The bottom texture is brick like, but also downwards slanting...why?

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