Friday, December 10, 2010

Student Presentation in Basel

I returned to Basel to observe student presentations to see more of the practice side of the program. The project was a proposal for a rebranding of the kunstmuseum (art museum) in Basel. The idea for this presentation was to show the groups ideas for possible themes that can be applied to the rebranding. The first group chose the theme of "light" and had several ideations of this theme. Some groups had three or four ideas for themes and used the presentation to get a class reaction to find the own they should expand on.

The structure of the presentation was an inDesign presentation, and primarily showed their thought process and progress of the project. The first part showed their brain-stroming session in a flowchart sort of fashion. Next they displayed their research, light being a main part of exhibits, way finding, and other museums. They also showed how light is used in fine art and in physics, to give examples of how it works and how it is used in other mediums. After the research section, they showed their own ideas of how light can be applied to the rebranding. They had videos of different experiments they had with a projector, showing how objects can cover thing and then once removed the light shows what was missing. They had sketches of different ideas, which were very clean and organized. They also had possible new logos, which were derived from they're research of light.

It was a great presentation to sit in on, it was all about the students ideas and how they came to those ideas. There was a lot of work behind the research of the project and it was clear they spent a lot of time as a group working on ideas and trying new things.

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